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This year, on Wednesday, September 05th, Baimbridge high school organized an « integration day » for the 10th grade classes.

They prepared activities for us to discover the place. There was a rally with riddles and general knowledge questions and we were in competition with other classes.

Each class had a dress code. We (the 10th grade n°01) wore an orange tee-shirt.

Classse Euro

First, we had to find the good blocks with the right class room. Then we answered questions. We had some papers and pictures of the places and we had to be the fastest and the smartest because when we gave wrong answers, we lost points (we had to score : 100 points).

At the end, we had to find a sentence with all the clues we got. The sentence was : « One talent, one success ». When the rally ended up, we went to the study room and we shared a snack.

There the staff announced the results :

Moment de convivialité en salle de permanence

- The 10th grade n°02 won because they had more points than the others.

- The 10th grade n°01, 03, 04, 05 and 06 received an « engagement prize ».

But obviously, we won because we were the fastest ! Anyway, we won in our hearts !

We think it’s a playful way to discover the high school. And we hope that next year they will organize the same for next 10th grade students.

Finally, each of us had an interview with one of our teachers for them to know us better.

The students of the euro-Caribbean class (10th grade01),

Léa, Talycia, Ethan and Gémaël

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