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CPGE Monthly Press Review Contest

Article mis en ligne le 7 avril 2018, par Judy DAMO

Dear students, dear colleagues,

It’s my pleasure to share with you the PC students’ latest work for the February session of the contest. They may be default winners (no other class handed in their piece in due time) but their work deserves to be saluted for its refreshing layout compared to most of the previous outputs.

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The Winners (February)

From left to right : Naomie CRANE, Mathieu REINE & Orlanne ROUSSAS.

It enables the class to take up victory again and end the schoolyear with a flourish ! Indeed, this was the last time the second-year students took part in the contest, given that now, they have to address other priorities : the written competitive exams, starting in a couple of weeks ! So let’s wish them luck, while we wait and see what the first-year students have in store for March’s pick.

Enjoy !